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Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI
2017 – present

Master of Arts in Educational Technology
24 credits completed. August 2019 anticipated graduation. In this program I took courses on utilizing new technologies, continuing educational research, and leadership with technology.

Hope College
Holland, MI

Bachelor of Arts: Social Studies Group Composite
138 credits completed. Graduated Cum Laude. Throughout my undergraduate studies I took the required general education courses while also taking courses focused on a holistic approach to teaching Social Studies for grades kindergarten through eighth grade.

Teaching Experience

ZQuest Elementary
Zeeland, MI
2014 – present

Seventh & Eighth Grade Teacher
I am currently teaching seventh and eighth grade in a self-contained classroom. I teach eighth grade Math, seventh and eighth grade Social Studies, and I team teach English Language Arts. I teach the majority of the Social Studies content through Project Based Learning Units.

Kindergarten and First Grade Teacher
I taught kindergarten and first grade for four years. While teaching kindergarten and first grade, I organized field trips and fostered parental involvement in and outside of the classroom. I published a weekly newsletter keeping families informed on what students were learning and I implemented Tier 1 through Tier 3 instructional.

Research Experience

Hope College
Holland, MI
2016 – present

Educational Field Research
Collected and analyzed data about the choices kindergarteners make while writing using digital tools. Assisted in developing a parent survey so kindergarten teachers can gain insights into what students know and are able to do with digital technology as a result of their experience prior to kindergarten.

Conference Presentations

November 2017.  Paper, Pencils, Crayons & Ipads: Helping Kindergarteners Write and Publish Using Digital tools. National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), St. Louis.

March 2017.  Rock, Paper, Scissors, and IPads: Helping Kindergarteners Write and Publish Using Digital Tools. Michigan Association of Computer Users in Learning (MACUL), Detroit.

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