My Classroom

I teach at a school called ZQuest. We are a kindergarten through eighth grade building that operates on a year-round, balanced calendar. I am currently teaching seventh and eighth grade. I teach seventh and eighth grade Social Studies, eighth grade Math, and team teach seventh and eighth grade English Language Arts. We have one classroom for the seventh and eighth graders in our building so we have to be pretty inventive on how we use the space. My teaching partner and I are lucky enough to be able to use our extended learning area (ELA) and the outdoors as much as possible as we do a lot of project based learning (PBL) units. This past year, I had a classroom of 34 students. 20 students where seventh graders and 14 were eighth graders.

Students are using the extended learning area (ELA) to participate in a speed share activity.

As I mentioned above, I teach primarily using Project Based Learning. The whole setup of the classroom and use of the extended learning area is with collaboration and communication in mind. I want my students to engage in peer discussions or team dialogs to help propel their learning when we are investigating the curriculum. Below you will see some images of students working on a PBL or presenting their ideas to an authentic audience.

By pressing the button below you will find a list of PBL’s that my teaching partner and I created for the 2018-2019 school year. We used this list to help our students showcase what they learned this year at our end of the year showcase night.