Wicked Problem Survey

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This week my CEP 812 colleagues and I have been working towards solving our wicked problem of innovation in education. Innovation in education is a wicked problem because there are numerous definitions of innovation and no precise way of evaluating if it is taking place or not. Through our research we have noticed that schools have primarily held the course in there design and implementation of teaching practices. There has been little change in how schools look and how things have been taught to students. Does education meet the needs of today’s students as it did in the past? This is an underlining question in our wicked problem. During our collaborative “think tank” my group and I developed four questions which we felt got at the hear of innovation in education. These questions included:

  1. Why innovate in the first place? Hasn’t school figured it out by now?
  2. Why aren’t more teachers and students given protection from potential failure with consequences when attempting innovative practices?
  3. Why is the apprenticeship of observation not broken when teachers go through teacher preparatory programs?
  4. Why are success indicators not adjusted to allow for innovation to be more central to the educational practice?

As my colleagues and I wrestled with these questions we began to understand that there were stakeholders who could contribute to finding solutions to this problem. Since schools have not undertaken a drastic transformation we want to understand why that change has not been made. We need input from these stakeholders to inform what things that can change to lead to transformations and finally how these transformations can take place. This problem can not be solved unless educators, administrators, support staff, parents, students, and outside sources partake in the design process of finding the necessary solutions. This is where you come in. We have created a survey that will help us understand the culture of innovation in schools. We want to understand your stance of innovation and if you feel supported in implementing lesson plans or seeking out professional development that would lead to innovation in your school. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey that we hope will inform discussions and planning for technology integration.

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